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why i'm not joining blab yet
Why I’m not Joining the Blab Band….. Yet

Blab, the latest app in video chat, is taking the marketing world by storm. I heard about it at a networking event a few weeks back and was excited to give it a whirl. A video chat app with 4 panels a-la the Brady Bunch? A better version of Google Hangout? Fab. U. Lous.

Then I took it for a test spin. Let’s just say I’m not ready to join the Blab Brady Band. Yet.

Log onto Blab and it becomes clear that marketers have latched on to this tool. Hard. Scrolling through the feed, it’s one video after another on best practices or Q&As on various topics in numerous business verticals. Where are the friends catching up? Where are the companies interacting with consumers? Where are the video interviews or talk show/video podcasts? Where are the consumers? I’ll answer this for you – there are very few to be found.

Being a marketer’s platform is not a bad thing. Blab might very well be growing up and evolving into another professional social network, a next generation of LinkedIn if you will. A new place to host webinars, raise your social professional brand to a higher level or a way to connect to like-minded individuals to share ideas or get feedback. All very valuable, but in order to be optimized for this, and to convince me it’s worth investing my time into, it needs some work.

First, there needs to be a better way to add a individuals as hosts. Blab just rolled out a co-host function, but it only is available on the web, not on mobile. Second, analytics need to be more robust. Viewers of a stream is a good start, but as we all know, marketers want more so they can continue to optimize.

Also absent on Blab – Millennials. Will this make or break a new platform? Not necessarily, but considering there are now 80 million of them and they are entering their peak spending years, they are a good demographic to boast as users and adopters. And if Blab continues to be a marketer’s playground it will be important to court Millennials as they now make up the majority of the country’s work force. 67% of Millennials access the net via smartphone compared to 40% of Baby Boomers. As a mobile app, why wouldn’t you be courting the largest audience possible?

Blab has a lot of promise, but not as much as Periscope at this current time. As I wrote about earlier this year, Periscope has nailed the consumer demographic and the often elusive Millennial. This doesn’t mean Blab has no shot at success, but it certainly needs some changes before it shows high value. Maybe LinkedIn should keep an eye on Blab for a possible acquisition or partnership as they continue to expand their publishing platform. That could potentially be a very successful union.

Until then, I’m going to Keep On Moving on Periscope.

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Written by Jennifer Kirk
Jennifer Kirk
A marketing professional for over 12 years, Jennifer started her career on Capitol Hill, where she was the youngest in the history of the US Copyright Office to hold her position in the Public Information Office. She left Washington to work in publicity and events in the Nashville music and sports industry before transitioning to social media marketing eight years ago. Since then, she has led many successful initiatives and campaigns for worldwide names in television, music, publishing and the tech industry. When not working, she can be found traveling the world and checking out the food scene in San Francisco.

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