In today’s marketing landscape, understanding the intricacies of B2B marketing is more crucial than ever. The challenge lies not just in the technicalities but in maintaining a human-centric approach.

Mariana Cogan, a seasoned marketer with extensive experience in both startups and large corporations, offers profound insights into achieving this delicate balance.

One of the core principles Mariana emphasizes is the universal need for customer-centricity, whether in a nimble startup or a sprawling enterprise.

“In both environments, you aim to move the needle, ensuring marketing supports sales teams and focuses on being customer-centric. It’s about alignment, ownership, and accountability, keeping the customer first.”

This statement underscores the essence of modern marketing strategies where the customer’s needs and preferences guide all initiatives.

A Startup’s Unique Needs

Delving into the world of startups, Mariana sheds light on the unique aspect of category creation.

It’s not just about introducing a product or service; it’s about educating potential customers about a problem they might not know exists and then guiding them toward a solution.

“In startups, it’s about category creation and educating customers about a problem they may not realize they have. You lead them through growth, which is exponential.”

This approach demands a nuanced understanding of the market and the ability to communicate complex ideas simply and effectively.

Sustainable Growth

Contrastingly, in large organizations, the focus shifts towards scalability and maintaining market share in already mature markets.

Mariana elaborates, “In large organizations, it’s more about scalability and market share in mature markets, focusing on prospects and existing customers.” This requires a strategic approach to sustaining growth and customer loyalty in a competitive landscape.

Let’s Get Technical

Mariana also touches on the challenges of marketing technical products, particularly in the manufacturing sector. The key lies in balancing technical details with the overall value proposition.

She explains, “In manufacturing, you sell to a technical persona, requiring deep understanding of their content preferences and where they engage. It’s about balancing highly technical content with broader value conversations.”

This approach ensures that while the technicalities are not diluted, the information remains accessible and relevant to a broader audience.

Keeping Humans at the Center

At the heart of Mariana’s philosophy is the human-to-human connection, an aspect often overlooked in B2B marketing.

She firmly believes that regardless of the industry or company size, the end recipient of any marketing effort is a human being with unique preferences and behaviors.

“It’s crucial to remember we’re in a human-to-human space, regardless of the technicality or company size. Our customers are people who have day-to-day interactions with consumer-focused platforms, so our marketing needs to align with those expectations.” This insight is particularly relevant in an era where personalization and customer experience are paramount.

Technological advancements like generative AI and augmented reality are reshaping the landscape of customer engagement, offering new avenues to humanize digital interactions.

Mariana observes, “These technologies allow us to be more human and personalized. They enable technical content to be more accessible and engaging.”

This trend highlights the evolving role of technology as an enabler of more personalized and empathetic marketing strategies.

A Multicultural Approach

Finally, Mariana’s multicultural background brings a unique perspective to her approach to business and marketing. Growing up in Mexico and Japan, she values diversity and the richness it brings to the business environment.

“Growing up in Mexico and Japan, I’ve learned to appreciate diversity and the value of different perspectives. This openness to diversity fosters innovation and better results.”

This global outlook is increasingly crucial in a world where businesses are not just local entities but part of a connected global ecosystem.

Mariana’s insights provide a valuable roadmap for B2B marketers. Emphasizing customer-centricity, the balance between technicality and accessibility, and the importance of human connections, she highlights the evolving nature of B2B marketing.

As we navigate these dynamic times, these principles serve as a guiding light for marketers striving to create meaningful and impactful connections with their audience.

You can watch the Leadtail TV interview with Mariana Cogan here.

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