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Technology and Marketing Trends for 2017

Technology and marketing trends are deeply intertwined. The connection between the two will only become stronger and more complex in 2017. What are CMOs discussing on social media? While lots of compelling subjects are broached, conversations are increasingly focused on […]

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The Key to Turning Employees into Brand Advocates? Engage Them

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees were great brand advocates? If they eagerly shared information about your brand on social media, and helped spread the word about what your company is doing? It can seem like an impossible task, […]

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B2B Social Marketing Trends 2017
B2B Social Marketing: 9 Big Things We’ve Learned So Far…

It’s that time of year again. Everyone you bump into seems to have a crystal ball on what’s coming next. It’s also a good moment to reflect on what we’ve learned up to this point… and while some B2B social […]

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B2B Influencer Marketing - Marketer Looking Confused
Why Aren’t B2B Brands Embracing Influencer Marketing?

Here’s an interesting statistic: 94% of brand marketers who used influencer marketing believe it’s effective. That’s pretty impressive and shows there’s probably something to this marketing tactic. This data comes from an Adweek article citing a survey of 170 CPG, […]

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B2B social media planning - what's your plan?
B2B Marketers: What’s Your Social Media Plan?

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are upon us, and that means crowded malls, office parties, and, yes, company planning sessions. Of course, planning marketing initiatives is hard enough when you already understand what to achieve and are […]

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improve content performance by stealing
Improve Your Content Performance by Stealing

Crafting an exciting piece of content that gets plenty of likes and shares is a dream, isn’t it? You may have some great ideas, but what if you can’t properly put them on paper, so to speak? Or your writing […]

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how to build a social media sales funnel
How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel

The highly competitive SaaS sector compels companies and marketers to wring the last drop of their creative juices so that they can get ahead of the competition and make a name in the industry. With SaaS marketing strikingly different from […]

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Cybersecurity experts are using social media to stay on top of threats and incidents.
Why Cybersecurity Experts Turn to Social Media

Every day we’re bombarded by news of WikiLeaks, DDoS attacks, and big company data breaches. It should be clear by now that our digital lives are not safe, let alone secure. So who’s on the front lines protecting us from […]

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5 social media management tool recommendations for B2B marketers
Top Social Media Management Tools for B2B Marketing

If you’re using social media as a marketing platform, then you’re probably making use of a few different tools to help you become more productive. With a good tool in your arsenal, you can get better results, more engagement, more […]

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