It’s rare that we come across stories that truly inspire and challenge societal norms. Televerde, a global sales and marketing company, is doing just that by partnering with Departments of Corrections in Arizona, Florida, and Indiana to offer incarcerated women a fresh start. 

In this episode of Tomorrow’s Best Practices Today, host Bryan Kramer spoke with Kellie Walenciak from Televerde about the program. Her words painted a vivid picture of hope and transformation.

A Model For Success

“Televerde is a global sales and marketing company, but what makes us unique is that we operate in partnership with the Department of Corrections,” Kellie says. This isn’t just a business model; it’s a lifeline for many women who, without this opportunity, might return to a cycle of low-wage, low-skill jobs.

The success stories that emerge from Televerde are nothing short of remarkable. Kellie shares, “We have stories of women coming out that are walking into six-figure jobs.” This isn’t just about financial success; it’s a testament to the latent potential within these women, waiting to be unlocked.

But how does Televerde prepare these women for such success? Kellie explains the rigorous training process: “When the women come in, they go through what they call a ‘boot camp’… They learn all the different aspects of the business.” This foundational training is further supplemented with specialized training for each client campaign, ensuring that the women are not just employees but experts in their field.

A Foundation for a Future

Televerde recognizes the importance of holistic development for the women it employs. And the company is now beginning to expand its horizons beyond the systems it already works with.

Kellie speaks of the Televerde Foundation, which was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. She says, “The Televerde Foundation is great because it picks up where the business leaves off…providing the women with more skills like certification and access to higher-level college courses.” This comprehensive approach ensures that the women are equipped not just for their careers but for life.

Michelle Cirocco, a shining example of Televerde’s impact and a 22-year program graduate, now leads the Televerde Foundation. Kellie speaks highly of her, noting, “She began her career inside Perryville prison… She’s well aware of what women need when they get out of prison, and she designed this program.” Under Michelle’s leadership, the foundation has expanded its reach, offering support even to women who aren’t directly associated with Televerde.

More To Come

A recurring question is Televerde’s focus on women’s prisons. Addressing this, Kellie states, “We started in a women’s prison, and you kind of continue what you know…but most of the programs [in prisons] are more for male-dominated trades.” However, she hints at a promising future, revealing, “We are looking at expanding into men’s prison facilities.”

In wrapping up, Televerde’s story is a beacon of hope, proving that anyone can rise above their circumstances with the right opportunities. As Kellie poignantly puts it, “It’s like sitting on a hidden gold mine.” Indeed, when given the tools and the chance, these women not only meet expectations but exceed them.

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