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B2B Customer Insights
Customer Insights Research

Improve your marketing strategy with unique insights about how your buyers engage on social media

B2B Social Media Agency
Social Media Strategy + Management

Reach, engage + influence your social audience more effectively with the right strategy, practices, and KPIs

B2B Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Identify + build relationships with the people who truly influence your buyers

Social Media For B2B Events
Social Media for Events

Create more awareness, conversation + community by tapping into social media for your event

Sponsored Research

Build awareness and credibility with your target audience by sponsoring original research

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From Our Social Marketing & Insights Blog
How to Build An Employee Advocacy Program

In recent years there has been growing interest on the part of business owners and consultants in how to build brand visibility and value beyond the traditional channels of PR, advertising, and other conventional marketing channels. Surprisingly, the answer lay […]

It’s Time to Update Your B2B Social Media Strategy

“Our buyers don’t do social media,” that’s what I heard from B2B marketers way back in 2010. Over time, these marketers realized social media is “table-stakes” if you want to reach and influence decision makers early in the buying process. […]

B2B Social Media Influencers: A Conversation with Tamara McCleary

Here at Leadtail, we’ve been riding the B2B social media influencer marketing bandwagon for some time… even as many B2B marketers have been slow to jump on with this new marketing approach. Admittedly, we have an advantage. Our social media […]

B2B Content Writer vs B2B Copywriter: What’s the Difference?

You need website copy, so of course, you’re going to go out and find a writer who can handle it for you. You’ll soon find, though, that there are different types of writer out there. There are B2B copywriters and […]

engage your social media audience
7 Ways to Engage Your B2B Social Media Audience

These days most B2B companies have a social media presence. The problem is they mainly use their social handles as a distribution list for blasting out blog posts, webinar invites, and press releases… again and again and again. You know, […]

Why B2B Social Media Is About Creating Community

It’s ironic but true. The more time I spend on social media the more I realize how important actually meeting people is. And this is coming from an introvert who originally thought that social media was a great way to […]