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Giving orders. Beautiful young lady is making facial expression and holding a pen in her hand.
How Account-Based Marketing Will Change Your Content Marketing Approach

Want to beat your competition at the marketing game? One way is to identify technologies that are gaining traction and get an early jump on using them. For example, B2B marketing has evolved from using email marketing, to marketing automation, […]

b2b influencer marketing - 4 rules
4 Rules of B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is exploding in popularity with brand marketers. Why is that? In a world in which consumers no longer trust traditional advertising, digital marketers are turning to social media stars to pitch products at hard-to-convince millennials in an amplified […]

snapchat b2b selfie
Why B2B Marketers Should Pass on Snapchat

Is it just me or does it seem like Snapchat has taken over the marketing world? Every day my social feed is filled with articles from media outlets trumpeting the latest happenings of the hugely popular social network. So what’s […]

Employee Advocacy
Turn the Promise of Employee Advocacy Into Reality

Here’s a question I hear a lot these days: “How can we get employees to start sharing brand content on social media?” Employee advocacy has finally bubbled up into the consciousness of senior marketers. In theory, that’s a good thing. […]

I Don't Want To Listen
Why Aren’t B2B Marketers Listening in on Social Media?

Social listening is an essential part of any B2C brands’ social media approach. But the same can’t be said for many B2B brands. Why is that? In my experience working with B2B marketers, I’ve found it mainly comes down to […]

CFO Hashtags 2016
Hashtag Use Shows CFOs Are People, Too

It’s not just your company or brand that needs a Twitter presence. When the C-suite interacts online, they both amplify your brand’s messaging, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. And it turns out CFOs may be doing […]