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We make social media work for B2B marketers

Leadtail helps marketing leaders develop the right insights, social media strategy and influencer relationships to reach and engage target buyers.

Leadtail is a B2B Social Media Agency

We’ve helped innovative companies like these succeed with social media, and we can help you, too.

How We Help

Our six core B2B social media practices create a winning approach for B2B brands.

Social Media Management

We handle growing your audience, publishing content to your social media channels and increasing meaningful engagement – and keep it all aligned with your overall marketing goals.

B2B Influencer Marketing

Breaking into a new market, selling to a new audience or just hoping to boost your brand awareness? influencer marketing is a proven method for breaking through the noise.

Social Advertising

Strategic social media advertising can drive more visibility for your thought leadership and top performing content while connecting your social media and demand generation efforts.

Buyer Insights

Discover what your target customers really do – not just what they say they do. Our buyer insights are based on data that comes directly from real-world social interactions.

Social for Events

From routine webinars to virtual user conferences and major industry events, targeted social outreach before, during, and after the event can maximize your impact.

Employee Advocacy

Boost employees’ and executives’ personal brands, and strengthen your company’s reputation using the power of advocacy.

“Strategic input and invaluable marketing support”

The Leadtail team has become a key part of our marketing team. The Leadtail experts help keep our social channels active and growing. Their approach is spot on from a qualitative perspective, and they track key KPIs for each channel to monitor ongoing performance, as well as to optimize the content, spend and frequency of posting.
In addition, they provide input to our overall marketing strategy, make valuable introductions, and help us expand our influence marketing program. Our partnership with Leadtail is invaluable!

“We never have to worry about the content that’s being disseminated on our social channels”

Leadtail provides corporate peace of mind in a social media-driven world. In a time where brand sentiment can be created or crushed with one bad post, we never have to worry about the content that’s being disseminated on our social channels. They have been a savior for us when it comes to tactical execution, but also pivotal in helping us to think about how to create content that’s social by design. At the beginning of COVID, when we saw a 3x surge in usage, Leadtail was there working in the trenches with us flagging support queries and making sure our followers were being heard—We literally could not have managed without them!

“Leadtail has been a true business partner”

Through two companies, Leadtail has been a true business partner helping me as a CMO crack the code on making social media channels work – and by work I mean deliver results. Their no nonsense approach aligned to my business goals and the agile Leadtail team helped develop a solid strategy and when we didn’t have the resources to fully execute the plan they were right there with me and jumped in on tactical execution. I felt they were really an extension of my marketing team.

“Literally provided a social roadmap to get to my target customers”

While the majority of consumer marketers focus their social outreach on increasing followers and getting likes, Leadtail focus on something far more important to B2B marketers – they focus on our potential customers, and reverse engineer a social strategy from that.

Leadtail’s progressive approach identified the key social influencers that are talking to the audiences we care about. They understand where those influencers are sourcing and sharing their information, and have pinpointed the hot topics that are currently driving their social conversation.

“Remarkable level of value and clear results”

The B2B social media engagement they ran for us was well-structured and specific—we knew precisely what to expect every week. From delivering in-depth analysis of the key topics of interest to my client’s target markets, to identifying the right influencers to engage, I was confident that Leadtail’s methodology, strategy and execution brought us in the right direction.

Beyond providing extraordinarily competent service, Carter and his team also have a knack for making the process enjoyable. Their professional enthusiasm and positive spirit was evident during every step.

“I consider them my secret weapon”

Leadtail has consistently proven themselves as a highly-trusted partner with impressive social media expertise, especially in the generally less understood B2B field. I have had the opportunity to work with Leadtail for over ten years now, across several companies and positions. I will rely on them to help assess, address, direct, and monitor social media needs, strategies, tactics, and progress, and they have never failed to deliver. Moreover, Carter and team have the capability to see the social media efforts as a core part of the larger marketing agenda, which assures alignment across functions and maximizes measurable success.

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