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We’ve created a framework for B2B social media success

From insights and strategy, to day-to-day tactics, our B2B social media services deliver results.

B2B Social Media Services

Social Media Management

We handle growing your audience, publishing content to your social media channels and increasing meaningful engagement – and keep it all aligned with your overall marketing goals.

B2B Influencer Marketing

Breaking into a new market, selling to a new audience or just hoping to boost your brand awareness? Influencer marketing is a proven method for breaking through the noise.

Social Advertising

Strategic social media advertising can drive more visibility for your thought leadership and top performing content while connecting your social media and demand generation efforts.

Social Customer Insights

Discover what your target customers really do – not just what they say they do. Our social insights are based on data that comes directly from real-world interactions.

Social for Events

From routine webinars to virtual events, targeted social outreach before, during, and after the event can maximize your impact.

Employee Advocacy

Unlock the power of employee advocacy to build employees’ and executives’ personal brands, boost brand content distribution, and strengthen your company’s reputation.

“Their secret sauce is really understanding how B2B social media works”

Leadtail has provided a high degree of awareness impact on our social media channels in less than one quarter. Their secret sauce is really understanding how B2B social media works and what strategies need to be put in place to attract authentic and valuable relationships with customers, prospects and industry leaders. Their team is always available, highly flexible and an integral part of our Near team. I just think the world of the Leadtail team.

“I can’t imagine working with any other organization for our social media”

When I joined the company, Leadtail was already working with our team. I quickly saw the value that the Leadtail team provides, both in strategy and execution. They have become a valued partner for social media strategy, measurement and influencer marketing programs. Every team member I have worked with has been smart, engaged and responsive, and I can’t imagine working with any other organization for our social media needs.

“There is no better organization than Leadtail”

If you want to pursue a social strategy as part of your marketing plan, there is no better organization than Leadtail to help.

“Provided a social framework to elevate executive social media programs”

The majority of B2B companies still focus on traditional KPIs (audience growth). With Leadtail and their progressive approach to social media, they focus on engagement and its correlation with strong content and influencer partnerships.

They are able to hone in on our goals and strategize with us on how to get there by identifying the right content and influencers to work with to get the most impact out of our budget.

Leadtail was instrumental in doubling our CEO’s audience on social and tripling her social engagements.

“Leadtail was instrumental in helping me craft a program that tripled our level of engagement”

Leadtail, without hyperbole, saved my hide. As the Head of Content & Social Media programs at a growing tech company, I am a team of one. Not only did Leadtail help me hone my social strategy by providing deep insights into our target audience and competitors, they actually made it possible for me to sleep at night because I wasn’t constantly worried about handling *everything* myself. Leadtail was instrumental in helping me craft a program that has extensively broadened our reach, and more than tripled our level of engagement.
Leadtail’s analysis of influencers in our space allowed us to design a hyper-targeted strategy that’s earned us more than clicks and likes; it’s earned us new business, and that’s the name of the game.

“Leadtail is my favorite social media partner so far”

Upon meeting the leadership team of Carter and Karri, I was immediately impressed with their expert knowledge of social media and grounded approach. In addition, they measure everything and helped evaluate every lever that we could use to optimize our results. Biotech was a difficult market to influence with physicians and patients, but Leadtail helped my team break down our stats and research the marketplace so we could develop a strategy to reach them. I can’t wait to have them as my partner again!

What can Leadtail do for your business?

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