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About Leadtail

We could regale you with our “origin story”, about how we were bitten by a radioactive spider came to believe that B2B companies have an out-sized opportunity with social media… But that’s not really what we are about.
That’s just how we got here.

So what are we about?

Keeping it real.

Whether that’s bringing our whole selves to work, or making the case for what we do (and don’t) recommend to our clients, being honest and direct is the foundation of Leadtail’s culture.

Doing the right thing.

Nobody is perfect, so we assume “positive intent” even when things don’t work out as planned. When we’ve slipped up or dropped the ball, we are the first to acknowledge it and make it right.

Unlocking potential.

We seek out challenges that lead to growth. Working through obstacles together builds resiliency, skills, and trust, and allows us to achieve more than we thought possible for ourselves, our team, and our clients.

Building community.

At the end of the day, what our community says we’re about is more valuable than our ideas and aspirations about ourselves. We actively work to build, engage, and grow an extended community of marketers who share our values, and to showcase them and their work at every opportunity.

“Leadtail is innovative in their approach to social media”

Leadtail team is knowledgeable and innovative in their approach to social media. In the two years of working with the team, I’m seeing results through their out-of-the-box thinking in problem solving. Together, we’ve pushed social media for audience building and lead gen to new levels, giving me the confidence to triple my budget allocation for these programs.

“Innovative approach to social selling”

Leadtail’s innovative approach to social selling is a powerful element of any digital marketing strategy. Leadtail knows how to connect the B2B influencer landscape to your target audience and ICP.

“Leadtail has consistently proven themselves as a highly-trusted partner with impressive social media expertise”

Leadtail has been a true business partner helping me as a CMO crack the code on making social media channels work – and by work I mean deliver results. Their no nonsense approach aligned to my business goals and the agile Leadtail team helped develop a solid strategy and when we didn’t have the resources to fully execute the plan they were right there with me and jumped in on tactical execution. I felt they were really an extension of my marketing team.

Leadtail has consistently proven themselves as a highly-trusted partner with impressive social media expertise, especially in the generally less understood B2B field. I have had the opportunity to work with Leadtail for over ten years now, across several companies and positions. I will rely on them to help assess, address, direct, and monitor social media needs, strategies, tactics, and progress, and they have never failed to deliver. Moreover, Carter and team have the capability to see the social media efforts as a core part of the larger marketing agenda, which assures alignment across functions and maximizes measurable success.

“Leadtail was a one-stop-shop for our social strategy, social content, and social analysis.”

Their team of experts were able to curate messaging tailored to our unique industry and provide regular updates on how to best navigate the nuances of individual platforms. Ultimately, this allowed us to operate on a larger scale and punch above our weight class.

“Working with Leadtail has opened my eyes to the art of B2B social media management.”

The team is agile, responsive and is always looking at our social channels and assessing what we can do to continually improve our engagement. Here’s to many more years with Leadtail by our side!

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