In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword but a fundamental component of strategic planning, B2B marketers are at a pivotal moment.

The evolution of AI in marketing, from an intriguing concept to a core strategy for driving growth, mirrors a broader move towards data-driven decision-making and personalized customer experiences.

Zayo Group’s Kimberly Storin and Marla Schilling, seasoned professionals in the marketing sphere, share their profound insights on how AI is reshaping the B2B marketing landscape in this episode of Tomorrow’s Best Practices Today.

Their experiences underscore the transformative power of AI, not as a replacement for human creativity and intuition but as an accelerator that enhances our capabilities and empowers marketers to achieve more with less.

The Age of AI Everywhere

“AI has been around for decades, but we’re now entering the age of AI everywhere… It’s about making our marketing efforts more efficient and tapping into AI’s potential for growth,” Kimberly notes.

This transition of AI from the domain of data scientists to a daily tool for CMOs across industries signifies its democratization and the broad potential it offers for marketing strategies.

AI as a Strategic Partner

Reflecting on her proactive embrace of technology, Marla highlights the pivotal role of AI in streamlining processes and enhancing content strategies.

“AI has been transformative, especially with tools like ChatGPT… allowing for more personalized and effective content,” she shares.

The anticipation of implementing a new AI tool that incorporates their organization’s unique knowledge promises to further elevate their content creation process.

Dispelling Myths and Embracing Potential

Addressing the common apprehensions about AI, Kimberly emphasizes the technology’s role as an augmenter, not a replacer.

“It’s crucial to dispel the myth that AI is here to replace jobs in marketing. Instead, we see AI as an accelerator, enhancing our capabilities without diminishing the human element.”

This perspective is vital for fostering a culture that views AI as a tool for supercharging efforts.

The Future Skills of AI-Enabled Marketers

“The willingness to experiment, learn, and adapt is what will distinguish the leaders in this new era,” Marla states, pointing to a growth mindset as essential for navigating AI’s future in marketing. Developing skills to use AI creatively and strategically will be key to solving complex marketing challenges.

Keeping the Human Element Central

Despite the technological advancements, Kimberly and Marla assert the importance of maintaining the human element in marketing.

“AI should be used to amplify our customer-centric approach, not replace it… It’s about leveraging AI to better understand and engage with our customers,” Kimberly explains.

Balancing AI’s efficiency with the human touch is crucial for deepening customer relationships.


As we navigate this new frontier in B2B marketing, these insights from Kimberly Storin and Marla Schilling offer a roadmap for integrating AI as a strategic partner.

Embracing AI with a focus on enhancing skills, creativity, and strategic impact—while keeping the human connection at the forefront of marketing efforts—will define the success of marketers in this evolving landscape.

This revised blog post introduces Kimberly Storin and Marla Schilling by their full names at their first mention and incorporates direct quotes to enrich the narrative with their unique insights, aligning with the given instructions and emphasizing AI’s strategic role in marketing.

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