When it comes to understanding the ever-changing landscape of B2B social media advertising, insights from seasoned professionals can be invaluable. 

In this episode of Agents of Change, host Danielle O’Neil has an insightful conversation with Apoorv Sharma, a senior growth marketer with rich experience in B2B advertising. They explore key strategies, approaches, and lessons that can guide senior B2B marketers through the twists and turns of digital advertising.

Embrace First-Party Data

In an age flooded with analytics tools and third-party data providers, Apoorv stresses the importance of first-party data. It’s a fresh perspective, shifting focus to what’s coming directly from our platforms. He explains, “I think the best place to look at metrics is your first-party data…it will really help in making those decisions.” 

It’s a “forest for the trees” moment. Apoorv’s approach emphasizes a return to the data source. It’s about looking at what the data is telling us directly rather than getting lost in multiple analytical tools. 

Tools have their place, but measuring the right things is far more important. Re-focusing on first-party data helps marketers put metrics in perspective.

Think Flow, Not Just Pages

Apoorv introduces a fascinating concept: optimizing for the flow rather than individual pages. In other words, think about your customer’s entire experience, not just the content on a landing page.

He suggests, “It’s really the flow that dictates if a person is going to buy a product or not…just organizing those flows is, I think, the next step people would need to take care of.” 

It’s a brilliant idea and requires a profound shift in thinking. Often, content marketing is siloed into a world of pages and posts. Adopting a “flow” mindset creates a cohesive and logical pathway that guides the user toward conversion. And this pathway can help you shape a winning content strategy that leads to growth and revenue.

Add Personality to Your Brand

When it comes to paid ads, Apoorv emphasizes the importance of adding flair and personality to your brand. He says, “I think in paid ads, it’s really useful to add flair, add a personality to your brand.” 

Digital advertising skews toward targeting and metrics. But creativity is also essential if you want ads that stand out in an endlessly scrolling sea of content. 

B2B marketers must infuse ad campaigns with a unique brand personality. And paying attention to brand personality has multiple benefits. It can increase the longevity of your campaign (and the collateral that goes along with it) and improve your brand’s connection with audiences.

Connect with User Needs & Embrace Assumptions

Targeting and audience selection could do with a bit of creativity as well, Apoorv says. 

He suggests making educated assumptions about what your potential customers are looking for. You can base those assumptions on keyword research and let the results guide your targeting. Apoorv finds that this exercise helps connect with users’ needs and provides a new understanding of the market. 

Assumptions based on what people are asking can also help B2B marketers understand potential future trends in their sector or industry. “The first step is just figuring out what people are asking for on the internet around your product or the pain points around your product,” he says.

A Fresh Perspective on B2B Marketing

Apoorv’s insights offer a fresh and informative perspective on B2B social media advertising. They remind us to focus on what’s vital, such as first-party data, a holistic approach to the customer journey, brand personality, and a deep connection with user needs. After all, in a world constantly evolving, returning to the core principles and adapting with fresh insights is the way to win in today’s digital marketing environment.

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