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IoT Leaders on Social Media
IoT Leaders on Social Media [Infographic]

Whether you’re embracing the hype or still waiting to see how things evolve, there’s no question the “Internet of Things” has become a reality. As a matter of fact, Gartner forecasts that there will be 8.4 billion connected things in […]

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Cybersecurity experts are using social media to stay on top of threats and incidents.
Why Cybersecurity Experts Turn to Social Media

Every day we’re bombarded by news of WikiLeaks, DDoS attacks, and big company data breaches. It should be clear by now that our digital lives are not safe, let alone secure. So who’s on the front lines protecting us from […]

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CFO Hashtags 2016
Hashtag Use Shows CFOs Are People, Too

It’s not just your company or brand that needs a Twitter presence. When the C-suite interacts online, they both amplify your brand’s messaging, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. And it turns out CFOs may be doing […]

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Channel Marketer Report Cover Image
Top Channel Marketers Are Engaging on Twitter

Whether you’re a B2B marketer working at a fledgling startup or in an enterprise organization, you most likely understand the importance of channel partners. As a matter of fact, Accenture says that over 70% of the typical high-tech companies revenues […]

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How IoT Leaders Engage on Social Media

Once the stuff of science fiction, technologies related to the “Internet of Things” are now enabling anyone to track, analyze, and connect to the physical world through the devices we use in our everyday lives. And it’s not just wearable […]

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executive reading list
What C-Suite Execs Read Every Day [Social Data]

C-Suite executives are all about the big picture. That means having a strategic perspective, while staying aware of market and technology trends that may impact their business. But that’s not all. These executives must also be strong leaders and embrace […]

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share other people's content
Why Other People’s Content is Key to Your Social Media Strategy

It’s all about sharing. Recently, I was reminded of this when I happened upon two toddlers wrestling with a toy and heard their mothers admonish them: “You have to learn to share.” But it’s hard to suppress that selfish tendency […]

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sales executives use twitter
How Sales Executives Use Twitter

While there may be debate about whether LinkedIn or Twitter is more popular with salespeople, there’s no question that sales executives are becoming more active on Twitter. Why? They understand the power of the micro-blogging platform as a way to […]

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social insights search marketers man looks through a magnifier
Social Insights Data: What Are Search Marketing Pros Talking About?

Like search keywords, popular hashtags are a good indicator of what people are paying attention to, talking about, searching for, and sharing on social media. But if you’ve ever checked out Twitter’s global trending hashtags, you’d be forgiven for wondering […]

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