In B2B Marketing: Tomorrow’s Best Practices Today, we feature expert interviews about the state of B2B Marketing and what the future holds. In this post, I interview David Rodnitzky, CEO of 3Q Digital.

Tell us about yourself?

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I’m the CEO of 3Q Digital, a company I started in 2008. We are a digital performance advertising agency that buys and optimizes digital media for many of the most prominent companies in Silicon Valley.

We have about 325 people on three continents and last year we managed $1.3 billion of media spend, primarily on Google and Facebook, for our clients.

Me, personally, I’m from Iowa, moved out to the Bay Area in 1999, and enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, and photography.

Note: Follow David on Twitter: @rodnitzky.

What’s a best practice that B2B marketers should move on from?

Last click attribution! Anyone who isn’t trying to figure out attribution and incrementality is living in the past, specifically, the early 2000s!

Tell us a best practice of tomorrow that B2B marketers should be doing today?

I believe we are going to see the lines between digital and traditional advertising blur, which means that figuring out a consistent creative strategy, connecting the data, and developing the ability to buy media across numerous platforms will give you a competitive advantage.

Describe B2B marketing in three words or less?

Desire or Fear.

Where are B2B marketers failing with organic social media marketing?

Framing the conversation around “me” (e.g, the Company), instead of “you” (e.g., the Potential Customer).

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What are PPC marketers’ biggest challenges in 2019 — and how will that change in 2020?

Google is working hard to level the playing field in PPC.

So the good news is that novice PPC marketers should be able to do more, and have more success, as a result of the automation and streamlining of tools that Google is implementing.

The bad news is that expert PPC marketers are seeing functionality removed, which reduces their ability to use data and expertise to drive incremental performance.

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Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you’d like to tell us about B2B marketing?

B2C marketers tend to get all the glory, but B2B is a lot harder, given the long sales cycles, murky attribution, and heavy integration between sales and marketing. So pat yourself on the back – you have a tough job!