In this episode of Leadtail TV, host Byran Kramer chats with Daniel Glickman, a master of brand development and video marketing, about why video is so compelling and how to use it in brand creation. Daniel looks at marketing from a completely different perspective and brings that to his role as CMO no matter what company he works for.

We’re sharing some highlights in this blog post and you can watch the full episode here

How Video Contributes to Brand Creation 

Daniel has been using video for years as a way to build his personal brand. He’s also an author, speaker, podcaster, and CMO, but it’s video that drives his content creation and his marketing strategy. 

For him, video is a long game strategy. It’s a way to engage with the people in his audience and to generate feedback while also giving tips and advice and insight into how he views marketing. He also uses video, both live and pre-recorded, to generate content for blogs, emails, podcasts and more. 

But is this a good medium for B2B marketing? 

Video Marketing in the B2B Space

While Daniel spends most of his time in the prosumer SaaS space, he still has plenty to say about using video for B2B marketing.

And yes, B2B marketers should look at video as a key element of their content marketing roadmap. When it comes to video marketing, the most important thing is… no surprise…  understanding your market and determining where in the buyer’s journey you should introduce video marketing. 

For instance, some people love the “day in a life” of a B2B customer, want insights into workplace culture, and still, others simply want to “see” how your company will solve their problems.

Also, the type of video you use affects where in your funnel it should be placed. 

Influencer Marketing versus Video Marketing

Influencer marketing is now a valuable piece of the B2B marketing equation. In fact, for larger companies, social media marketing wouldn’t exist without also having influencers to quote and share on social. 

In the past, influencer marketing and social media marketing used to be their own strategies, but now they are merging together. 

So, what works better now? Video testimonials!

A video testimonial from a happy customer has much more clout than a written testimonial, but so often marketers forget how important they are. Granted, for some, speaking directly with their customers is a daunting prospect, but know that they are significantly more effective overall. 

Video testimonials can be used all over the place as well. They can be ads in your podcast. They can be used on your website and on sales pages. They can also be shared out on social media platforms.

What About Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool?

Though not strictly a video format, unless you have a video podcast, podcasts are a great way to connect on a more intimate level with your customers and market. Rather than showing them a 5-second ad or pointing them to another blog post, a podcast is a great way to literally speak directly to them. 

Daniel also points out that you should always look for ways to create content in video format and then use that to distil it into different formats. So even if you don’t plan to start a video podcast, record on video and pull the audio so that you always have the option of later using those videos in other places.

He truly is a king of content repurposing!

Now It’s Your Turn

We’d like to hear from you. Do you use video as part of your marketing strategy? 

Let us know if you have any questions for Daniel and we’ll pass them along!

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