B2B Content Marketing Strategy

The Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup
Content Marketing Experts on Measuring Success, The Customer Journey and More

The Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup is a group of 500+ marketers. We’ve met monthly for the past 3+ years. Recently, we hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a panel of marketing experts. Great panel discussion on content marketing […]

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Frustrated annoyed woman confused by computer problem, annoyed businesswoman feels indignant about laptop crash, bad news online or disgusting video on web, stressed student looking at broken pc
5 Reasons Your Company Blog Fails at Thought Leadership

Any B2B marketer worth her salt can list the many benefits of blogging: search engine optimization, social media engagement, audience development, and brand building. But guess what most B2B marketers really want from their company blog? Thought leadership. In other […]

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closeup portrait of business people giving thumbs up
Connect Your B2B Content Marketing to Business Results

Ask peers about your content marketing and they might say, “Awesome stuff, really well done.” Ask your VP Sales, CFO or CEO, on the other hand, and the response might be, “Show me the money” or “Show me the path […]

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improve content performance by stealing
Improve Your Content Performance by Stealing

Crafting an exciting piece of content that gets plenty of likes and shares is a dream, isn’t it? You may have some great ideas, but what if you can’t properly put them on paper, so to speak? Or your writing […]

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Level Up Your Content Marketing Game

Over the last few years there’s been a push to hire copywriters, journalists and editors to play the content marketing game. Why? Because brands need to become publishers, and B2B marketers have to transform into storytellers. And for the handful […]

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wasting money content marketing
Stop Wasting Money on Content Marketing

By now, every B2B marketer worth their salt has hired copywriters, former journalists and agencies to fuel their growing content marketing machines. But are you happy with your results? Before we go any further let me be clear: I believe […]

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thanksgiving offers lessons for content marketers
5 Thanksgiving Lessons for Content Marketers

With Halloween dead and buried, marketers’ minds turn to The Holidays. But before you surrender your brain to frantic sales, daily revenue targets, and eggnog, let’s quickly think about Thanksgiving. Far from being The Day Before Black Friday, it’s got […]

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Create More Engaging Content
How Can B2B Marketers Create More Engaging Content?

You know the struggle is real when 54% of B2B marketers find it difficult to create engaging content. Add a noisy and crowded marketplace to the mix and you’ve got yourself a marketer with lots of content but poor ROI. […]

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Connect with Your Audience - Drop the Jargon
Want to Connect with Your Audience? Drop the Jargon

Have you ever read a technical blog post that seems over your head? Technology bloggers and writers have a challenge: they need to get very complex concepts across to their audience and somehow make it engaging. This is where the […]

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Can great content be about nothing?
Can Great Content Be About Nothing?

Original, quantitative, in-depth research can produce solid, compelling content, but it’s not the only approach to creating great content other people want to read. You can also write about nothing… provided that you know a little something about the nothing […]

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