I grew up in the social media era, and I’ve been using social media daily for as long as I can remember. 

When I landed the chance to join Leadtail as a summer intern, I was excited about the opportunity to use social media in a new way. While I have experience running several social media accounts, I’ve not used these platforms in a professional setting. 

Leadtail gave me the opportunity to see how I could translate my creativity into a working environment. Although this was a marketing internship, this experience has taught me how to communicate effectively in a group and utilize time management and problem-solving skills— tools that will translate into whatever I do next.

My First Week

The first week of my internship exposed me to a phenomenal working environment where individuals excel in collaborating to execute project ideas. After that first week, my nerves had calmed down, and I knew I was capable of fitting in with the Leadtail culture.

I met my mentors, Stephanie Costy and Spencer Simpson, and learned what I would be working on during my internship. I worked on post-production for Leadtail’s podcast episodes and client social media posts in my first few weeks. Although I had never worked in the marketing field, I was confident I would be able to utilize my Adobe skillset to complete these projects. 

I was also assigned to work on videos for client social media accounts, and I was excited to have a production role early on in my time with Leadtail. I appreciated Spencer trusting me and giving me a project to showcase what I was capable of on my first day.

By weeks two and three of my internship, I became more comfortable and familiar with my role.

Stephanie and Spencer trusted me and actively communicated what I was doing correctly and areas where I could improve. This beneficial feedback helped me navigate a steep learning curve. Knowing my flaws helped me become more productive and eliminated repeated mistakes. 

I was also pleased to take on a more significant role on Leadtail’s TikTok account. I learned how to best communicate my vision for what I wanted to create, and my short-form video group provided feedback and helped me revise my ideas. I put together a step-by-step shot list for Leadtail’s first two TikTok videos. Stephanie and everyone else in my group trusted me, and we delivered two successful posts. 

These videos got great reviews within the company and from the public. The plethora of support within the company group chat showed me that Leadtail’s work environment is the type of company I hope to work for after I complete my college degree. 

What’s Next

As I enter my second month with Leadtail, I’m transitioning to the business aspect of marketing. I will sit in on calls to see how a B2B social media marketing agency interacts with companies to produce lasting and productive relationships. 

I am excited to step out of my comfort zone and learn from CEO Carter Hostelley. These experiences will help prepare me for business and marketing positions. The lessons Leadtail has blessed me with will pay dividends in any future position I take, and I’m eager to keep learning. 

I believe Leadtail’s work environment is the best in the business. Leadtail exemplifies the saying, “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team.’” Everyone here works together each and every day. The entire staff radiates positive energy and motivates one another to be at their best.

I would like to especially thank Carter, who made sure I was gaining the proper tools to further my career in marketing. Carter has an incredible passion for this team, which makes him an outstanding leader. 

As I finish up my internship with Leadtail, I will return to the University of Nevada Reno to finish my undergraduate degree with a desire to obtain my master’s degree. I go back with an understanding of what a great work ethic means for success and the importance of developing and using problem-solving skills.

Problem-solving is the most critical step of growth; without it, you will not be successful in marketing. When doubt or frustration creeps into your mind, it affects your composure, skewing emotions and interfering with your workflow. No two days are alike, and you will face challenges; how you respond will make the difference between good and great. This experience taught me that success reflects the hard work you put into your craft. I will carry this valuable lesson with me, not only in marketing but in my daily life. 

I’m grateful to the Leadtail team for making this internship a fantastic experience. You have given me the tools to build a successful career. I am excited to take what I learned and apply it to what is to come.