According to Nicole Fuselier, the Senior Director of revenue marketing at Matterport, there are two types of marketing superpowers. 

The first kind excels in PR, communications, and raising awareness. Nicole belongs in the second group – operational, revenue-driven, and committed to aligning with the sales team. Both types should work interdependently to achieve optimal results. 

In this episode of Leadtail TV, Nicole sheds light on the techniques in embracing unpredictable change and aligning sales and marketing teams into a single force for revenue. 

Harness The Human Connection 

Nicole developed the skill of building long-lasting connections through consistent communication and empathy. She’s been in charge of preparing insightful quarterly newsletters and reviews, outlining key learning points by her team. While there will be contrasting viewpoints, there’s a need to share those points to benefit the organization. 

The underlying message here is that marketing teams need to be kept abreast of the latest developments within an organization, with transparency, to plan the best way forward. 

Marketing is about creating meaningful and lasting connections – by aligning to the needs of team members and customers. There’s a need to listen and understand individual perspectives across sales and marketing and align their goals. 

Maintain Versatility 

Nicole’s Matterport journey began with an unexpected turn. While she originally joined the company as the chief of staff for the CMO, her leader stepped away from the organization within the month, placing her at the front lines of the fray. 

Challenges may arise, but individuals can transform them into priceless lessons for growth and progression. 

Nicole shares, “the CMO left, and I was suddenly left in charge of the whole of marketing. It was a huge shift. I had to see the broader picture for the entire organization.”

By looking out rather than working in silos, marketing teams can gain a more comprehensive and systematic view of their roles and contributions. Gradually, individuals can pool resources and perspectives to maintain and improve the marketing structure even during leadership transitions. 

Relook at Targets 

Although Nicole faced the initial shock factor of being overwhelmed with her role, she worked closely with Matterport’s CRO (chief revenue officer). 

Nicole recounts, “I personally feel that if you’re tied to revenue, reporting directly to the CRO and making sure your goals and stuff are tied and aligned are really important.”

We learned from Nicole that the core of marketing alignment required a wide-scale relook of its processes, spanning across agencies, teams, and targets. 

In Nicole’s case, she affirmed MQL reviews did not act as a silver bullet and refocused conversions and opportunities through SQL. 

A healthier relationship between sales and marketing provides the dynamo that helps sales score the win. Nicole discovered the power of a collaborative mindset when she realized that the blame game between sales and marketing led to a dead end. 

Tact is everything, and changing perspectives could lead to a well-oiled collaborative machine. 

As Nicole puts it, “instead of marketing asking sales, why don’t you follow up on my lead, why not ask, hey what’s not working, let’s tweak that. That’s a better conversation to have with somebody.”

Embrace Teamwork as a Lifestyle 

Beyond her professional life, Nicole is an avid sports fan, particularly fond of soccer, tennis, and baseball. Her growing years in competitive sports taught her the beauty of teamwork and how it contributes to winning – a concept that developed into a lifelong conviction. 

There’s profound philosophy involved in team-based games. Nicole shares, “sports taught me how to work with people. You can’t win a game by yourself. There are other players all around you who you have to play with to win the game.” 

How Will You Enhance Your Marketing Alignment?

What are your methods of striking the right balance between the sales and marketing team? Are there specific conversations you might be holding off? As always, we’d love to hear from you!

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