The communities in which we live and work are going through an extraordinarily difficult time.

Coronavirus has reshaped our lives in unexpected and challenging ways. Other issues have been with us for much longer, and shaped our lives in ways both more insidious and more profound than this novel virus. Racism has been with America since our founding. White supremacy is baked into our culture and our institutions so deeply, that for many Americans, it is invisible.

For too long, and for too many, the truth has been painfully obvious. The country that promises “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is failing to fulfill even the first and most basic of those promises to our Black citizens.

Healing this deep wound in our culture is going to take an immense amount of work and dedication. It can feel overwhelming. It’s overdue. It’s time to get to work.

Members of our team have stepped forward to identify actions that we can take right now to begin this work. We’re sharing this action plan with our community because Black Lives Matter. We want to take an active role in making B2B marketing a more inclusive profession. We invite you to contribute to these efforts, and to hold us accountable to these goals.

Diversify the voices in our social feeds

We have compiled a public Twitter List of Black, Indigenous, and other marketers of Color. We will actively curate and grow this list over time. Our immediate goal is to have at least 25% of the content we amplify and promote come from people of color.

If there is someone you’d like to see on the list (including yourself!), tweet us, DM us, or use this form to let us know.

Showcase more BIPOC marketers in the content we produce

We believe in the power of community and want our community to be welcoming to all. As we look for B2B marketers, PR pros, and thought leaders to feature in our LeadtailTV interview series, our Q&A blog post series, and when we (fingers crossed) resume our Leadtail dinner events, our goal is to have at least 25% BIPOC representation in these activities. Again, you can tweet us, DM us, or nominate people (including yourself) here.

Hold space for ongoing reflection, discussion, and action

We have established a weekly time dedicated to continuing this discussion, and a commitment to update our broader team on these efforts. We have created a Slack channel for team members to share resources for education and action. We will continue to cultivate an environment that encourages our team to work through challenges together.

These are the first steps in a long journey. We’re committed to supporting our team, our customers, and our community as we work together for a more just and equitable future. We hope you will join us.