Oslo Train Station
Remote Work at Leadtail: Blue Lagoons, Long-Jump Skiing Competitions and Client Projects

  As the bus lurched forward with its load of tired passengers, we sped off to the airport terminal. Having just disembarked from our Boeing 757, we had flown in on Icelandair from Seattle, and it was now 7:05 AM […]

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what's keeping CMOs from getting the full value of their martech stack?
CMOs: Beware Martech’s Dirty Little Secret

Marketing has become about smart technology. And the winners and losers will be defined by those who evolve their MarTech stack strategically. CMOs are on track to spend as much as CIOs this year on technology, and most are willing to […]

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B2B Content Writer vs B2B Copywriter: What’s the Difference?

You need website copy, so of course, you’re going to go out and find a writer who can handle it for you. You’ll soon find, though, that there are different types of writer out there. There are B2B copywriters and […]

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mobile app marketing
Mobile App Marketing on Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Mobile app marketing has evolved into a fiercely competitive area. Most developers and app marketing companies find it difficult to get their apps discovered among thousands of competitive apps in every niche. A recent study by AppsFlyer revealed that social […]

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sms and marketing automation heroes of lead nurturing
SMS and Marketing Automation: New Superheroes Of Lead Nurturing?

Inbound marketing is the little darling of today’s marketing initiatives. Write alluring content, distribute it widely, and create a strong, relevant audience. Check. If you’re doing all that, you may still be scratching your head saying, “well, where are all […]

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social media stage fright
B2B Marketers: Overcome Your Social Media Stage Fright

Social media is public. Let me repeat: Social media is P-U-B-L-I-C. Am I the only one a bit frightened by this fact? Anything and everything we share on social media is available for the world to see. I know it’s […]

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social hr plan for present and future
Social HR is Here to Stay – What’s Your Plan?

The logic is pretty simple: as long as there are organizations, there are human resources; and as long those human resources use computers, the Internet and mobile devices to communicate with one another, there is social media. What started out […]

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B2B Marketers Struggle with Mobile | Mobile Phone w Icons
B2B Marketers: Your Customers Are Mobile… Is Your Website?

B2B marketers are struggling with all the new technological advances that they face. With five billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, many are calling our growing mobile environment the newest revolution in today’s modern world. More than 70% of executives under the […]

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marketing got complicated
Mid-Size Marketers Face Many Challenges

  Marketers at mid-size companies have it tough. In many cases, they only have small business resources to work with but enterprise-size goals handed down by the CMO or CEO. Add to the mix how complex marketing has become with […]

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moes knows social marketing!
3 Social Media Strategies B2B Marketers Should Borrow From B2C Companies

Recently, I found myself at Moe’s Southwest Grill with my girlfriend. Being college students, we like to stuff our faces whenever food is around, so we typically don’t talk very much at meals. But today was different… when our drinks […]

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