With 2016 fading in the rear view (don’t let the door hit ya!), we’re turning our sights to the year ahead for B2B marketers and what it means for B2B social media. As usual, we have our own opinions (boy, do we), but we’ve learned the best way to get our arms around what’s on the minds of senior B2B marketers is to look at what they’re talking about and sharing on social media.

In particular, we looked at who is influencing B2B tech CMOs, and noticed a strong showing for a topic that has been heating up all year: account based marketing (or ABM, for short).

Not only did #ABM make a big jump in the popular hashtag rankings for B2B tech CMOs earlier this year, several of the people most mentioned and retweeted by B2B tech CMOs are leaders in the account based marketing world:

B2B Tech CMO Influencers


And ABM isn’t just heating up on social media. Research by ITSMA shows that 41% of B2B marketers say they plan to increase spending on ABM, which jibes with this chart from Google Trends.

Interest in account based marketing has been building steadily over the last couple years, and is reaching a fever pitch as we start rolling into plans for 2017.

But what if you’re still not 100% up to speed on account based marketing?

Refer back to our list of B2B tech CMO influencers. Several of these folks are thought leaders and expert practitioners in the area of marketing and sales alignment – the beating heart of account based marketing. We’ve highlighted a few from that list below.

Follow these folks and their companies on social media and soon you’ll be joining the ranks of B2B marketers talking up your success with account based marketing!

Matt Heinz
President, Heinz Marketing

Joe Chernov
CMO, InsightSquared
@jchernov | @insightsquared

Jon Miller
CEO + Co-founder
@jonmiller | @Engagio

Sangram Vajre
Founder + CMO, Terminus
@sangramvajre | @Terminus

Craig Rosenberg
Co-founder + Chief Analyst, TOPO Inc.
@funnelholic | @topohq

Your turn: Is ABM on your agenda for 2017? Who do you turn to for insights and guidance on account based marketing? How will you use social media to amplify your account based marketing efforts?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter – we’re @Leadtail.