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B2B Social Media Influencers: A Conversation with Tamara McCleary

Here at Leadtail, we’ve been riding the B2B social media influencer marketing bandwagon for some time… even as many B2B marketers have been slow to jump on with this new marketing approach. Admittedly, we have an advantage. Our social media […]

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B2B Content Writer vs B2B Copywriter: What’s the Difference?

You need website copy, so of course, you’re going to go out and find a writer who can handle it for you. You’ll soon find, though, that there are different types of writer out there. There are B2B copywriters and […]

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9 Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to break through the noise, while also making your prospects more inclined to buy from you. Simply put, if someone influential recommends your company then that gives you a leg-up on the competition. So […]

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Technology and Marketing Trends for 2017

Technology and marketing trends are deeply intertwined. The connection between the two will only become stronger and more complex in 2017. What are CMOs discussing on social media? While lots of compelling subjects are broached, conversations are increasingly focused on […]

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The Key to Turning Employees into Brand Advocates? Engage Them

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees were great brand advocates? If they eagerly shared information about your brand on social media, and helped spread the word about what your company is doing? It can seem like an impossible task, […]

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Evaluate B2B Influencers
B2B Social Marketing: 9 Big Things We’ve Learned So Far…

It’s that time of year again. Everyone you bump into seems to have a crystal ball on what’s coming next. It’s also a good moment to reflect on what we’ve learned up to this point… and while some B2B social […]

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