Although organic results are best, social advertising is something you ought to consider. Facebook Advertising should be near the top of your list. Why is that?

Facebook Advertising

First of all, organic reach continues to decline as Facebook increasingly favors person-to-person engagement over branded and third-party content. So when it comes to Facebook, you now need to be thinking “pay to play.”

Secondly, there are 1.47 billion daily active users on Facebook (on average, for June 2018), with many of them the business decision makers you want to reach and engage.

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So how do you get started? We’re going to focus on some aspects that are a little less obvious, though crucial, to your efforts as a B2B marketer.

Create a Facebook Business Page

You don’t need to have a highly trafficked page to run ads, but you do need a Facebook business page. This wasn’t always the case, but it is now, so if you don’t have a page for your business yet, your first step is to make one. Facebook runs you through the steps, asking for specific information.

Don’t lose heart if you see competitors with robust and interactive followings already in place, as you can quickly build up momentum by mirroring their audience. While you can’t target their followers, you can target people based on a number of interest categories.

Once you start having people liking your page (from organic and initial paid efforts), you can then create Facebook ads that target “friends of people who like my page” and deepen your reach into companies you care about.

If you explore the detailed offerings around demographics, interests and behaviors, you’ll find people interested in competitor brands and related terms. You can target those people as well.

Haven’t We Met Before?

You not only have demographic and psychographic attributes of your audience to consider, you can also target people who have already interacted with your business.

You do this by creating a “custom audience,” and you have lots of options here:

custom audiences for Facebook advertising

For example, you can target people who attended your offline events, visited your website or used your app. You can even upload a client list to find them on Facebook and re-target them with your ad campaigns.

Mobile And Facebook Messenger

It’s important to keep mobile firmly in mind when getting started, as mobile advertising is driving over half of all campaign conversions.

Start by implementing the Facebook Pixel to track conversions across mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Mobile ads can be challenging due to the limited real estate available on mobile devices. You’ll see options to preview your ad on mobile and desktop. Be sure to inspect these carefully, as you wouldn’t want portions of the ad to be cut off from view.

Keeping things tight is key. Use less words, but still grab attention and get your point across. It’s important to use a strong visual. You’ll need a few visuals to take advantage of Facebook’s A/B testing to level up your creative, placement, audience and delivery optimization strategies.

When setting up your ads, you’ll be given the option of where to advertise beyond the Facebook feed. One option you should consider is Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is the newest option for advertisers. Some advertisers are seeing 100% conversion rates. And while that may be a slight exaggeration, the fact that it’s offering amazing results makes sense, as messaging apps have surpassed social networks in usage.

Setting Up Your First Facebook Campaigns

Take the time to explore Facebook’s robust offerings; don’t jump at the first option you see and expect magic. Doing a deeper dive into Facebook advertising will be time well spent.

The folks at AdEspresso have a great beginner’s guide to help get your first Facebook ad campaigns up and running. Another option is to connect with a trusted adviser to manage your advertising for you. Running Facebook Ads is a time-consuming task and deferring to the experts can be a wise decision.