You need website copy, so of course, you’re going to go out and find a writer who can handle it for you. You’ll soon find, though, that there are different types of writer out there. There are B2B copywriters and B2B content writers. What’s the difference, and who can do the better job of writing that B2B copy?

What’s the difference?

To find out who is better, you first need to know the difference between the two writers.

– B2B Copywriters: These writers specialise in writing to persuade your business readers. They work to get them to take a specific action. This could be buying your product, but it could also be signing up to your email list, or signing up for a demonstration. B2B copywriters work on creating long form, useful pieces for your website.

– B2B Content writers: These writers work to inform your business readers. They work a lot on social media and other business sites where B2B content can be easily shared. They’re looking to convert your business readers into customers by sharing information with them.

The difference between the two is blurred

If you ask a writer if they’re a copywriter or a content writer, they may well answer ‘both’. That’s because the line is often blurred between the two. The best way to get an idea of what they can do is to ask for samples of their work. If you match them against the definitions listed above, then you can see soon where their talents lie.

Another way of making sure you get the right B2B writer is to hire them from the right place. For example, Australian Help and Write my paper are known as a copywriting service as well as for business clients. If you’re careful about where you hire your B2B copywriter and B2B content writer from, you’ll get the content you need.

Which should you hire?

It’s very much dependent on what you need from them. If you’re looking to persuade your business readers to buy from you, or take action with you, then you need a B2B copywriter. If you want to keep up a presence online and provide your readers with useful content, then you’ll need a B2B content writer.

Knowing what you need is the hard part of the hiring process. You really need to dig down and understand what you want the reader to do when they visit your website.

How to hire the right person

There are several ways to test any prospective B2B writers before you hire them on:

– Ask for a sample piece: Set a task and ask them to complete it. If they can follow your instructions correctly, they can help you achieve your vision for your website.

– Check for plagiarism: All good B2B copywriters and B2B content writers check their own work for plagiarism before they send it on to you. Make sure they’re doing this by checking the samples yourself. Try using services such as Academized and Plagium to check them.

– Check copy length: All good B2B writers know that a good piece of copy is only as long as it needs to be. When asking for samples, specify a word length. You can then run them through Easy Word Count, to check that they’ve stuck to that length. If it’s too long or too short, it’s not going to work on the website.

So, should you hire a B2B copywriter or a B2B content writer? It really all depends on what you need from them. If you have a clear vision for what you want to achieve, then you’ll know which service you need. Pick wisely, and you’ll really get the most from your B2B writer.