B2B Social Media Marketing

social media referral marketing
How Social Media Referral Marketing Can Help Win Business

One key difference that separates the most successful professional services firms and the rest is a surprisingly simple one: social media referral marketing. The reality is that most firms sell themselves short by taking too narrow an approach to referral […]

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Evaluate B2B Influencers
B2B Social Marketing: 9 Big Things We’ve Learned So Far…

It’s that time of year again. Everyone you bump into seems to have a crystal ball on what’s coming next. It’s also a good moment to reflect on what we’ve learned up to this point… and while some B2B social […]

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how to build a social media sales funnel
How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel

The highly competitive SaaS sector compels companies and marketers to wring the last drop of their creative juices so that they can get ahead of the competition and make a name in the industry. With SaaS marketing strikingly different from […]

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snapchat b2b selfie
Why B2B Marketers Should Pass on Snapchat

Is it just me or does it seem like Snapchat has taken over the marketing world? Every day my social feed is filled with articles from media outlets trumpeting the latest happenings of the hugely popular social network. So what’s […]

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marketing with emoji FTW!
Words Get in the Way: Emojis as a Marketing Tool

More than just a cute frivolity, emojis are becoming a legitimate way for brands to connect with their audiences. For years, I’ve struggled with how to convey laughter when communicating via text. Many people use “LOL” or “hahaha,” but neither […]

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why i'm not joining blab yet
Why I’m not Joining the Blab Band….. Yet

Blab, the latest app in video chat, is taking the marketing world by storm. I heard about it at a networking event a few weeks back and was excited to give it a whirl. A video chat app with 4 […]

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75 Benefits of Social Marketing [Infographic]

How many benefits of social marketing can you think of? Social media can be used in so many ways – to develop your brand, increase SEO rankings, distribute content, acquire leads, and more. While many blogs talk about these benefits, […]

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B2B Social Media Marketing #Fails
6 Ways B2B Marketers #Fail at Social Media Marketing

You’re a smart marketer, so you get the importance of social media. You understand that target buyers are tapping into social to determine which solutions and vendors to consider. You’ve probably set up the obligatory LinkedIn company page, Twitter handle, and […]

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How to Champion Your Social Media Initiatives
How to Champion Your Social Media Initiatives

I’ve written often about the challenges B2B marketers face in turning the crank to generate social ROI. Specifically, how important it is to build quality social channels, set the right social media goals, and create compelling content — and how […]

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How B2B Brands Can Join the Periscope Party

It’s hard to ignore the rise of Periscope, the live streaming video app released just a month ago. Adoption has been fast and furious, with Mashable reporting the Periscope app reached 1 million users in just 10 days. And global […]

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