The Challenge

In today’s B2B marketplace, it is hard to build a social audience. Whether you are breaking into a new marketplace, selling to a new audience or just hoping to accelerate your brand awareness, influencer marketing strategies are a proven method for breaking through the noise. Being a new and growing company, Vantiq was trying to build their brand recognition. Knowing that they were entering into a fairly competitive field and with their desire to accelerate their time to market, they contacted Leadtail for assistance reaching this goal.

The Solution

“You can’t win using only best practices” – Vantiq needed something different to “leap frog” the competition. So, we piloted a program we dubbed “VantiqTV”. VantiqTV is a series of video “interviews with thought leaders on digital transformation and the real-time enteprise.” hosted by Vantiq’s Chief Product Officer. The guests are a mix of industry influencers and subject matter experts – including Vantiq customers and prospects. “Booking guests” for the show gave the sales and BD teams something they could offer to prospects and partners to build the relationship and showcase the prospect/partners’ expertise without applying pressure to the sale.

Why Leadtail?

With Leadtail, Vantiq was able to utilize the expertise in influencer marketing that the team at Leadtail has, including the ability to reach out and secure influencer contributions/interviews using social media. Using our social insights, Leadtail is able to help identify influencers for a given industry or target audience. Together, Leadtail helped Vantiq create a program that leveraged influencers + content + social media with no incremental budget.


Thus far, there have been 30+ VantiqTV episodes that have been created, and Vantiq has seen a direct influence on multiple high-value accounts in the development pipeline. Beyond that, Vantiq has seen hundreds of views on recorded episodes, as compiled by Leadtail’s social sharing metric.