The Challenge

The challenge that Vantiq faced was the absence of a heavy presence on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. The team at Vantiq were not heavy users of LinkedIn and were not actively engaging with the content sharing aspect of the platform. Their timing constraints prohibited them from utilizing LinkedIn as a tool in their social media marketing strategy. Vantiq’s desire was to raise their visability via LinkedIn and strengthen their overall presence. They partnered with Leadtail for guidance towards implementing these social media interactions into their comprehensive marketing campaign.

The Solution

While working with Vantiq, Leadtail established a seamless “behind the scenes” process to help increase Vantiq’s presence on LinkedIn. This process first entailed our team curating content on select topics for the executive team to share with their audience. We then drafted and eventually published posts to LinkedIn on behalf of the executives enrolled in the program.

Why Leadtail?

Leadtail was able to leverage our team’s expertise and curate relevant content for Vantiq on LinkedIn. The program works because the executives at Vantiq can see that the content being shared on their behalf is on-topic, and that the posts are written in an appropriate “voice” for company executives. This helps establish a basis of trust they have in the overall process.


Leadtail helped Vantiq grow their visibility on LinkedIn and further build connections between the executives and those who had seen and liked the content that had been shared through LinkedIn. These engagements open the door for sales and thought leadership conversations with prospects all over the world and help build up the Vantiq brand.