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From Our Social Marketing & Insights Blog
top hashtags digital marketers - flavors of #marketing
The Many Flavors of #Marketing

As part of our social insights reporting, we’re always tracking the top hashtags used by marketing leaders. For the last several months, we’ve been keeping tabs on the hashtags used by digital marketers in particular. As you might suspect, #marketing […]

B2B Marketers Build Rock Start Audience on Twitter
7 Ways B2B Marketers Can Build a Rock Star Audience on Twitter

What’s the difference between a musician and a rock star? Sure, rock stars have flashier clothes and maybe a few (hundred) extra groupies. But it’s really about audience, isn’t it? Rock stars have a huge and enthusiastic fan base anxiously […]

top hashtags digital marketers header
What Digital Marketers Were Tweeting About in September [Study]

This month, Leadtail analyzed 39,382 public tweets from 486 digital marketers published between September 1st and September 30th, 2014 to find the Top 50 Hashtags they used in September. Here’s what we found… ‘Tis the Season for Marketing Conferences, #Apple Announcements, […]

Social Recommendations or Content Marketing?
Marketing Challenge: Social Recommendations or Content Marketing?

Why aren’t B2B marketers doing more to generate recommendations for their brands? I mean every B2B marketer (or head of sales, for that matter) understands how important positive word of mouth and referrals are, right? And these days, it’s easy […]

Let’s Talk About #SocialListening… An #AtomicChat Recap

Recently, the fine folks over at @Atomic_Reach invited us to be a guest on their weekly Twitter chat to talk about what we can learn from #SocialListening. Not to be too punny about it, but it was an absolute blast. […]

Analyzing the Competition on Social Media
What’s Your Competition Up to On Social Media?

I like to win. These days, I think a lot about winning because the end of the quarter is fast approaching. And one of the ways my performance is going to be measured will be against social media goals. I’m […]