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thanksgiving offers lessons for content marketers
5 Thanksgiving Lessons for Content Marketers

With Halloween dead and buried, marketers’ minds turn to The Holidays. But before you surrender your brain to frantic sales, daily revenue targets, and eggnog, let’s quickly think about Thanksgiving. Far from being The Day Before Black Friday, it’s got […]

employee advocacy program working?
How to Know if Your Employee Advocacy Program is Working

Here at Leadtail, we’re noticing a growing interest in the topic of employee advocacy. And as our blog readers know, we’ve even posted about this topic. That’s why we’re especially happy that Russ Fradin, founder of Dynamic Signal and long-time employee […]

smartphone with internet of things IOT icons
How IoT Leaders Engage on Social Media

Once the stuff of science fiction, technologies related to the “Internet of Things” are now enabling anyone to track, analyze, and connect to the physical world through the devices we use in our everyday lives. And it’s not just wearable […]

B2B social agency
7 Ways the Right B2B Social Agency Can Help You

Is it time to bring in a social agency to help? It may be if your company is still struggling to make social media work. Yes, I’m biased since I manage a B2B social agency. But over the last six […]

b2b influencer marketing
B2B Marketers: It’s Time for Influencer Marketing

Are you influential? That’s a big question with a simple answer: of course you are. Every day you influence family, friends and work colleagues. That last one is especially important because IDC research found that B2B decision makers rely on peers and […]

marketing with emoji FTW!
Words Get in the Way: Emojis as a Marketing Tool

More than just a cute frivolity, emojis are becoming a legitimate way for brands to connect with their audiences. For years, I’ve struggled with how to convey laughter when communicating via text. Many people use “LOL” or “hahaha,” but neither […]