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Yoram Greener and What Big Data Means for Digital Marketers

No one said working with customers is easy. But we enjoy it anyway. Why? For starters, customers push us to become better marketers and keep us nimble, jumping from project to project. We also get to stretch our brains (a good thing) contemplating the different industries, competitors, and business models of our customers. Not to mention we get to connect with really smart people who are thinking insanely deep thoughts about social media, big data, online advertising… and what it all means for digital marketers.

Pretty cool, huh?

On that note, it was fun to catch up (via phone) with the always captivating Yoram Greener, founder of Juba Plus, a social strategy and analytics agency in NYC. We had the opportunity to work closely with Yoram for about a year while he was working with our customer Salorix (think: big data meets social media). Well, we figured it was a good time to catch up with Yoram to get his perspective on how digital marketers can best leverage social data to deepen reach and engagement with today’s consumers.

And no surprise, we learned a lot (brain hurts!). For example, who would have thought that Yoram’s take on big data for marketers boils down to “less is more”. With insights like that, you know we’re turning our conversation with Yoram into an upcoming blog post!

In the meantime, here are some highlights to whet your appetite:

  • Marketers work 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. but consumers “work” 24/7/365; data can help close that gap
  • Marketers want instant gratification from their marketing efforts but what they really need is more patience
  • Marketers still attribute too much to the “last click” which doesn’t give enough credit to the impact of social media

Stay tuned as more to come shortly!

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Written by Carter Hostelley
Carter is the founder and CEO of Leadtail, and champions the power of social media insights to CMOs and senior marketers at leading business brands and venture-backed companies – specifically, how social insights can help you better understand and engage your buyers. Learn more about Carter here, and follow him @carterhostelley

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