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Why We Love Fridays (Hint: It’s Our Day for Meeting Smart Folks)

Sure, Friday means it’s the end of the workweek but that’s not why we love it. Especially, since like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, we work weekends too. Instead, that’s the day we (try to) set aside to meet up over coffee with really smart and passionate marketers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

And boy, this past Friday we hit the trifecta! You had to be there… but since you weren’t, here’s a synopsis of whom we met with, and why you should care:

Ash Bhalgat, CEO and Co-Founder of Hapoose

Ash is the founder of an app recommendation startup called Hapoose. He and his co-founder are spending a lot of time tackling the question of how best to use mobile and social technologies to solve the pain of: “So many apps and so little time”. What’s their solution? They’ve created a mobile app (Hapoose) that leverages Facebook and social networks to generate app recommendations. Btw, he’s looking for a “rock star” marketing person to join the Hapoose team!

Check out Hapoose to sign up for a beta invitation.

Richard Bliss, Founder of Funding the Dream on Kickstarter

Richard is an expert on Kickstarter and how it’s changing the way that creative projects get funded. How did Richard get involved with Kickstarter? As a board game aficionado, Richard turned to Kickstarter to help get financing for a friend’s new board game, and then witnessed first hand the transformational power of this crowd funding method. Now, he’s spending his time working on Kickstarter projects, and writing and speaking about how to successfully fund your dream project on Kickstarter. Interested in learning more about Kickstarter?

Check out Richard’s blog and podcast.

 Rob Fuggetta, Founder and CEO of Zuberance

Rob is the CEO of Zuberance, which provides technology that powers brand advocacy programs for many big-name brands. Rob is an expert, author, and evangelist on brand advocacy marketing, and was kind enough to give us his perspective on what brands can do to drive more engagement with today’s highly distracted digital consumers. His take? Mobilize brand advocates to help spread the word!

Check out Zuberance to learn more about their award-winning brand advocacy platform.

(And stay tuned, we’ll share more of our interview with Rob in an upcoming blog post)

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Written by Carter Hostelley
Carter is the founder and CEO of Leadtail, and champions the power of social media insights to CMOs and senior marketers at leading business brands and venture-backed companies – specifically, how social insights can help you better understand and engage your buyers. Learn more about Carter here, and follow him @carterhostelley

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