We’re excited to announce that our latest social insights report is now available: How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter. Why digital marketers? Because they’re leaders and innovators when it comes to social media. So if you’re interested in learning from the best then this report is the right place to start. Especially since it offers actionable insights into which social networks you should be active on, what content sources you should read and share, and who you should consider following on social media.

Of course, those of you that sell to digital marketers may also find this information interesting…

To create this special report, we analyzed and summarized the Twitter activity of 515 digital marketers during the second quarter of 2013 (based on an analysis of 143,856 tweets and 69,657 shared links). Why Twitter activity? Social media data has a leg up on other data sources such as surveys, polls, and focus groups; it shows what people really do… versus what they say they do.

BONUS: This report was also prepared in collaboration with our friends at NetBase. That means we got to leverage their social intelligence platform to learn more about the brands that digital marketers engage with on social media. Pretty cool stuff, as you’ll see in the report.

With that said, here are some of the findings…

Which social networks are digital marketers most active on?

Digital marketers participate on a number of media-driven social networks, many of which cross-post to Twitter. For example, Instagram, Vine, and Spotify made up 52%, 27%, and 9% of the period’s Twitter activity, respectively. And think Foursquare is yesterday’s news with digital marketers? Think again, as it made up 34% of our sample’s Twitter activity. Which of these top social media apps do you use?

What are the top content sources for digital marketers?

Mainstream media sites represented 45% of the content shared while industry-related content comprised 35% of the top shared sources. Many of these publications feature submissions from digital marketing thought leaders and experts, and have robust email and social media distribution that keeps their content in front of digital marketers on a daily basis. Which content sources are you using to leverage your paid advertising, public relations, and thought-leadership “by-lines”?

Which consumer brands generate buzz with digital marketers?

NetBase helped us look at the brand sentiment and passion around certain brands that digital marketers engage with on social media. For instance, online retailers generated lots of social buzz among consumer brands. Find out how Walmart compares to Target and Amazon.com when it comes to the “Net Sentiment” in this category.

What else is in the report?

Learn how digital marketers describe themselves in their Twitter bios, which social marketing platforms they use to access Twitter, and what were the most popular hashtags. In addition, this social media insights report lists the top 25 brands and people that were mentioned most by these marketing professionals.

Download a free copy of the report: How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter