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What Digital Marketers Are Talking About on Social Media [Study]

Social media is great for starting and engaging in conversations, or listening in to find out what everyone else is talking about. And while every marketer worth his or her salt is now active on social media, it’s digital marketers in particular that are the trend setters and innovators when it comes to navigating, engaging, and influencing on social media.

What are digital marketers talking about on social media?

With this question (among others) in mind, PunchTab and Leadtail collaborated to analyze the activities of 515 digital marketers on Twitter between February 1 to April 30, 2014. In total, we combed through more than 120,000 tweets and summarized the findings in our recent report: How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter.

Most popular hashtags with digital marketers

As you may know, hashtags are a simple way to label the topic of conversation you’re tweeting about and associate it with other content related to the same topic. Hashtags also make it easy for anyone interested in your topic to search for it and find your tweet.

Now imagine if you knew which hashtags were the most popular with digital marketers.

Wouldn’t this give you insights into what conversations and topics were capturing the attention of these media-savvy marketers? Sure it would. And these insights would be helpful whether you’re striving to become a better marketer yourself, or tasked with creating content that reaches, engages, and influences digital marketers.

Good news: PunchTab and Leadtail have done the heavy lifting to provide you with exactly this data from the social insights report.


Digital Marketer Hashtags

Most Popular Hashtags with Digital Marketers, Feb-Apr 2014


What can we see from this chart? Well, no surprise in that it shows that digital marketers are talking a lot about topics related to marketing, social media, national events, and TV shows.

But look a little closer… hovering at the edges are some interesting topics that reveal where digital marketers are focused at work: #CX (customer experience), #Millennials, #bigdata, and #wearables are all bubbling up with this influential group. If you’ve got something to contribute to those topics, now is a great time to get vocal and establish leadership in these emerging conversations.

The overall report provides lots of other fascinating insights into how these media-savvy marketers navigate social media, and how you can put these insights to work for yourself and your brand. You can get the full report here.

You can also join us for a Social Insights webinar on Tuesday, September 23rd at 11am PT / 2pm ET where we’ll share additional insights and take your questions about how to use social insights for yourself and your brand. Don’t miss it!

(Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on the Get More Engagement blog)


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Written by Carter Hostelley
Carter is the founder and CEO of Leadtail, and champions the power of social media insights to CMOs and senior marketers at leading business brands and venture-backed companies – specifically, how social insights can help you better understand and engage your buyers. Learn more about Carter here, and follow him @carterhostelley

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