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B2B Social Marketing Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter - Q1 2013
B2B Social Marketing Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter – Q1 2013

We just released our latest report “B2B Social Marketing Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter”. This social insights report represents an analysis of 407,192 tweets and 185,948 shared links from 1,797 marketing decision makers active on Twitter during the first quarter of 2013.

Our goal with this report is to provide you with actionable insights to make it easier for you to reach, influence, and engage senior marketers. We use Twitter data since it’s a powerful social network for discovering what marketing executives are reading, sharing, and talking about.

And when it comes to insights, Twitter activity has a leg up on other data sources such as surveys, polls, and focus groups. Why? Because it’s a good proxy for what people are REALLY doing versus what they say they are doing.

With that said, let’s dive into the data!

Which social networks are most popular with senior marketers?

One of the report findings is that marketing decision makers participate on a number of social networks, many of which cross-post to Twitter. For example, Instagram and Foursquare made up 27% and 20% of the period’s Twitter activity, respectively.

This means companies targeting marketing executives should think beyond Twitter and LinkedIn if they want more opportunities to reach and engage senior marketers using social media.

What kind of content do marketing executives share on Twitter?

Mainstream media sites represented 44% of the content shared by senior marketers on Twitter – but that doesn’t mean it’s all celebrity gossip and sports (though there is a fair amount of that). The vast majority of mainstream content shared was business, technology, and media focused – typically covering broad industry issues and trends.

While industry-related content was shared less (comprising 32% of the top shared sources), it still plays an important role in defining the conversations marketers have with each other, their internal teams, and ultimately customers.

The good news: there are number of mainstream and industry publications that you can consider if your looking for PR, thought-leadership, and paid media opportunities.

How are marketers using mobile to engage with social media?

While many companies still struggle with the question of whether or not to prioritize mobile, there’s not doubt that marketing decision makers actively use mobile devices to engage on social media. The report shows that 40% of senior marketers’ Twitter activity now originates from smart phones and tablets.

This data implies the time has come to focus on mobile if your company targets marketing executives.

What else is in the report?

This social insights report also includes data on how senior marketers describe themselves in their Twitter bios, which social marketing platforms they use to access Twitter, and what were the most popular hashtags. In addition, the Leadtail report lists the top 100 brands and people that were mentioned most by these marketing executives.

Download a free copy of the report: B2B Social Marketing Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter

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Written by Carter Hostelley
Carter is the founder and CEO of Leadtail, and champions the power of social media insights to CMOs and senior marketers at leading business brands and venture-backed companies – specifically, how social insights can help you better understand and engage your buyers. Learn more about Carter here, and follow him @carterhostelley

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