Who’s Driving Enterprise Innovation?

40 Corporate Innovation Leaders Cover

Innovation is hard. You not only have to come up with an inspiring idea and get executive buy-in, but also manage the organizational gauntlet to turn that idea into reality. But the payoff is worth it… since you can literally change the world!

So who are the people responsible for driving innovation in large organizations? And what conversations, content, and people are informing how they think about the next big thing?

40 Leaders Driving Innovation in the Enterprise

With these questions in mind, Brightidea and Leadtail collaborated to look at forty innovation program leaders and analyze their Twitter activity to discover how they use social media to become better at making innovation happen. These executives were chosen since they are active on social media, and on the front lines of enterprise innovation for world-class companies such as GE, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, Target, U.S. Bank, and Microsoft.

Whether you’re responsible for delivering innovation for your organization or just interested in how innovation is put into practice, you’ll want to discover how these innovators are engaging on social media to discover what they read, who influences them, and conversations they participate in.

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