Social Listening

Why Aren’t B2B Marketers Listening in on Social Media?

Social listening is an essential part of any B2C brands’ social media approach. But the same can’t be said for many B2B brands. Why is that? In my experience working with B2B marketers, I’ve found it mainly comes down to […]

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Social Customer Service: The Front Line of Your Brand Reputation

Customer service has never been easy… but at least in the old days, when a customer called to complain, the phone didn’t ring on the CMO’s desk. So what do you do when your #1 job is to protect your […]

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5 Steps to Doing Social Listening the Right Way
5 Steps to Doing Social Media Listening the Right Way

Have you heard the old adage: “You’ve got two ears and only one mouth”? It means you should listen twice as much as you talk. This is especially true if you want to understand what your target audience really cares […]

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