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B2B Marketer Thinking About Facebook? Start Here.

We’ve been getting a lot of interest lately from folks looking for some actionable info on how to use Facebook for B2B social marketing. Though this topic would normally be a bit general for us to tackle, we thought we’d quickly round up a few good posts to share with you on the subject.

And then something interesting happened.

It turned out that finding a few good B2B Facebook marketing posts was a lot harder than we thought! Most were too general (“Facebook is great for having conversations!”). Lots tried to play every side (“Facebook is great for B2B, except where it isn’t…”). Several good case study posts were obsolete given Facebook’s ever-changing feature set and UI…

So it’s with great pride (and no small amount of creative Googling!) that we bring you these hand-picked selections to help you think about your B2B Facebook strategy.

Are B2B companies using Facebook?

Aside from the usual suspects (DellCiscoSAP) that pop up when talking about B2B companies doing a good job with Facebook, we’re big fans of Silverpop. This blog post shares some of Silverpop’s successful B2B Facebook marketing tips, ideas, and resources.

How are B2B companies using Facebook?

According to Marketo’s B2B Social Marketing Universe infographic, about 1 in 3 B2B companies are using Facebook as part of their B2B social marketing strategy. How are they using Facebook? To promote blog content, keep customers up to date on company news, and create brand ambassadors.

What if I’m a small B2B company?

Another great post from well-known B2B blogger Dianna Huff breaks down her DIY “31 Tips in 31 Days” B2B Facebook marketing campaign, focusing on the process she followed and the results she got. Entirely do-able for just about anyone!

What about Facebook Advertising for B2B companies?

The debate about Facebook ads, in general, rages on – but Digiday makes a pretty compelling case for why Facebook Ads may soon be a critical part of the paid media mix for B2B marketers.

We know that’s just a taste of the opinions and resources out there for B2B marketers looking to make a run at a successful Facebook strategy. In fact, we’re planning to do a deeper dive into these questions in the coming weeks… so as they say in the ad biz: Watch this Space!

If you have specific questions, insights, or areas you’re struggling with related to B2B social marketing on Facebook – please share in the comments, or drop us an email at We’re happy to roll your requests/insights into future posts on the topic.

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