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75 Benefits of Social Marketing [Infographic]

How many benefits of social marketing can you think of?

Social media can be used in so many ways – to develop your brand, increase SEO rankings, distribute content, acquire leads, and more. While many blogs talk about these benefits, there are very few that attempt to outline the “big picture” of social media or a comprehensive list of its benefits.

I decided to take a stab at it and ended up with 75 benefits of social media marketing. Below is an infographic with a compiled list of benefits. Check it out and see which benefits your brand is potentially missing on social media.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Infographic courtesy of LYFE Marketing

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Written by Sherman Standberry
Sherman Standberry
Sherman Standberry is the co-founder and chief operating officer for LYFE Marketing, social media marketing & management company. LYFE Marketing offers social media advertising, social media management, and website design services to help companies generate more traffic and conversions. Sherman has worked with over 150 companies with social media and website design. Follow him on Twitter.

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