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7 Reasons Your B2B Social Marketing Sucks (and how to fix it!)

You’ve probably heard how social media is “changing the rules” of marketing to prospects and customers.  As a matter of fact, chances are pretty good you’ve set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn company page. Maybe you’ve even kicked off social media training for the sales team.

Apologies to Dr. Phil, but… how’s that working for you?

Download the 7 Reasons Your B2B Social Marketing Sucks Guide

You’ll learn:

  • Why B2B marketers are set up to fail with B2B Social Marketing
  • What to do now to start engaging customers, prospects and influencers
  • How to set meaningful social marketing goals that drive business results


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Written by Karri Carlson
Karri is Leadtail's VP of Social Insights, an aspiring growth hacker, and unabashed comedy nerd. Follow her on Twitter at @heykarri, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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