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sms and marketing automation heroes of lead nurturing
SMS and Marketing Automation: New Superheroes Of Lead Nurturing?

Inbound marketing is the little darling of today’s marketing initiatives. Write alluring content, distribute it widely, and create a strong, relevant audience.


If you’re doing all that, you may still be scratching your head saying, “well, where are all the new customers?” This is the point where lead nurturing becomes a vital component of your marketing strategy.

SMS and marketing automation are keys to making your lead nurturing efforts successful.

In fact, they are so outstanding, they may just be the new superheroes of your marketing strategy. Here are four good reasons why.

They reach target audiences in a single bound.

Unlike other forms of traditional advertising, SMS marketing paired with automation specifically pinpoints who gets your message. This type of marketing leaps over gatekeepers, spam filters, and voicemail boxes and lands in front of your target audience’s eyeballs faster than you can say “It’s a bird, it’s a plane!” When compared with email marketing, SMS offers a more direct link to your prospective clients. The accessibility of your prospects with SMS is unmatched by other means of communication.

Because SMS is able to reach prospects easier than other forms of current communication….

They add the strength of The Hulk to your branding message.

Emails, phone calls, and other modes of communication provide ways to show your branding message, and SMS serves to increase the impact of your story. Prompting prospects to move through the sales funnel is key in order for your business to open accounts and build profitable business relationships. These results typically take much more than one phone call or a handful of emails. The law of 29 states that prospective buyers must be in contact with a company’s products and service 29 times before they are converted. SMS consistently and effectively reaches the potential clients, strengthening their connection to your brand and decreasing the length of the buying cycle.

They help you stay in touch as easily as the Bat phone.

Building on the previous point, SMS messaging is a powerful way to stay engaged with and connected to your prospects in a fresh way. And, unlike pesty phone calls or annoying emails, the irritation factor for SMS is low. According to Corvisa’s survey, 77% of consumers are open to receiving text messages from businesses. Receiving valuable text messages that are relevant to their business and/or address their pain points is a valuable way to stay connected to your prospects and keep them from falling out of the sales funnel. Or, worse, choosing to do business with one of your competitors.

Haphazardly sending out SMS messaging alone isn’t the most productive plan, and will most likely net paltry results. Pairing it with marketing automation, however, is brilliant, because both together are…

Faster than The Flash.

When it comes to successful lead nurturing, it’s of paramount importance to get the most bang out of every available marketing hour. This is where marketing automation paired with SMS goes from two ordinary tasks to high-performing superheroes. Marketers are able to utilize automation to schedule various nurturing messages to go out at regular intervals. Setting up and executing communication in this manner empowers your business to connect with prospects at opportune times with relevant messages that are more likely to inspire action.

SMS and marketing automation are undoubtedly the dynamic duo of effective lead nurturing campaigns. By planning out and implementing SMS messaging into your current marketing strategy, you maximize your chances of reaching your target audience, increasing brand awareness, and engaging more solidly with your prospects.

A strong lead nurturing plan that includes SMS and marketing automation will show a dramatic improvement in closed sales ratios, and provide an ROI worth dancing and singing about.

And we don’t think even Batman and Robin could make that possible.

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Written by Sophorn Chhay
Sophorn Chhay
Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Watch Trumpia's 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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