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improve content performance by stealing
Improve Your Content Performance by Stealing

Crafting an exciting piece of content that gets plenty of likes and shares is a dream, isn’t it? You may have some great ideas, but what if you can’t properly put them on paper, so to speak? Or your writing might be engaging, but through the course of it, you lose the main thought?

A remedy to all of the above exists. It’s called stealing. Sounds repulsive? Don’t click away yet. By stealing, we mean copying. We’ll explain in a bit.

For starters, pick a blog post that you loved, and examine it in detail. Study the structure, the language, see if it has any humor, any emotional triggers, and then create a template. Write your next blog post using that template.

Then, try this tactic. Implement fiction writing techniques into your blog writing. Make sure that your post has a character, a plot, a setting, and everything else that fiction usually has. Because that’s what usually drives attention of the readers.

Now, that you got the gist, check out the infographic Essay Tigers have put together for you.



Improve Content Performance

Now it’s your turn! What are your “hacks” to improve content performance? Share yours in the comments or hit us up on Twitter: @Leadtail

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Written by Stacey Wonder
Stacey Wonder
Stacey Wonder is a content manager at Essay Tigers. Apart from writing, she is a frequent moviegoer and cocoa drinker.

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